These are a few videos from my YouTube channel. Visit the channel to see more.

Get a Grip - Fusion Drum Play Along Matt MacKinnon - Pocketful of Soul and Back in the Day (Tower of Power) Matt MacKinnon  - Jazz Waltz Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas - Drum Cover by Matt MacKinnon There's this Kid - The John Punch Band


Hawaii 5.0 (Rock)

Dandelion Wine - Brandon Agnew (New Orleans-Folk)

The Noise (Rock)

Troubled Water - Alex Sinclair (Folk)

Minuet in C# Minor (Jazz)
Bean Green over Blue (Jazz)

Bean Green over Blue In 2009 I released a jazz album with nine original songs. The above songs 'Minuet in C# Minor' and 'Bean Green over Blue' are from the album. Bean Green over Blue is available through Itunes and Amazon.