The Complete Drum Book was created after finding I was asking my new drum students to purchase many books during their first lesson. This book covers all the material necessary for the first few years of learning the drums as well as some great play-alongs.

Contents of the book include: Snare: rudiments, reading rhythms - similar to books such as Stick Control and Syncopation

Rock: this includes 8th/16th note feel beats, shuffles and half-time shuffles, reading exercises, fills, rock solos - similar to The Drummer's Cookbook, 66 Drum Solos for the Modern Drummer

Odd Time Signatures: 3/4 and 6/8 are covered. Though these are not that 'odd', they are the ones that are important to learn in the first few years of drumming.

World: Common Latin Coponents, Cuban, Brazilian, Jamaican, and more world grooves are covered. Each style demonstrates multiple possible grooves to give you a deeper understanding of the style.

Jazz: Comping and Soloing are covered with transcriptions of two famous drum solos - similar to The Art of Bop Drumming.

Songs: 11 rock play-alongs covered a wide range of ability and styles. The first play-along you can start playing in your first lesson! 8 world and jazz play-alongs. Many of these feature different great vocalist. Similar to Groove Essentials.

Holding the Tempo: a page of different ways to practice being a very consistent drummer.